Saturday, October 26, 2013

New RasPi Breadboard and i2c tinkering

My Raspberry Pi Breadboard
Originally I have been using an Adafruit Pi Dish which is a clear piece of plexiglass with a mounting for the Raspberry Pi and an Adafruit GPIO cable and cobbler included.
Here is a link: Adafruit Pi Dish

This had been working great, but the drawback was the lack of breadboarding space.

So plan be was of course to put both breadboards side by side.... and well.... that wasn't very convenient since I seemed to always be pulling the wires out of one or the other.

So then I finally decided to mount the Raspberry Pi to this breadboard. The breadboard is mounted on a steel plate and I simply lined up the holes in the Pi (rev 2), drilled them with my drill press, and used some 4-40 screws with 1/4" standoffs to mount the Pi. I also have the USB and Ethernet cables tye-wrapped to the metal backing on the breadboard so I don't stress the ports on the Pi.

Right now you see it with 2 x 28 pin IC's. They are MCP23017 port expanders. The one on the bottom left has 3 Red LED's attached to 3 of the outputs. The one in the center runs to a 7 segment display that I'm using just to test the outputs of the MCP23017.

The switch on the right of the breadboard is simply there to give me a mechanical/electrical input to the Pi.

To the left of the breadboard you see an Adafruit 16 x 2 line display module........
I must have been dreaming when I purchased it, because it is the Aruino shield module and so has all of the pins to plug into my Freeduino.....

But I wanted to use if for my Pi.... and fortunately I was able to just hook 5V, GND, and the 2 i2c lines to it and it works great!

Well great after I downloaded the software from Adafruit via github and use it in my python programs.

Right now I'm playing with sensing the button presses on the display and running various bits of Python code.

For your awesome learning modules.
These have allowed me to hook DS18B20 temperature modules to my Pi as well as all of this i2c playing that I have been doing lately.

If you haven't been by, check it out: Adafruit Main Website

And their learning website

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Been almost 5 years....

Well now, it has almost been 5 years since I started this blog.....

Originally to post my woodworking trials and tribulations, which were short lived. Postponed by my house renovations that never seemed to end....

Add to that life.... (add your own personal story here!)

Then once the renos were caught up (cause you're never really completed....), I got sidetracked by that little device called a Raspberry Pi.

And have been playing with that quite a bit over the last 6 months or so.

So I'll start to take some pics of the work I've done logging inside and outside temps with my Raspi's and share them online.

Thanks for reading,